This is my first time importing. What do I do?

Once you are ready to ship, we will need several documents from your overseas supplier or cargo agent.
They are 1) Commercial Invoice & Packing List, 2) Bill of Lading, 3) ISF data and 4) Customs Power of Attorney.
This last document can be downloaded from our New Clients page.

What is the duty rate?

Duty rates are determined by HS code. Supplier or Vendors can provide you the correct HS Codes, or visit our Help Page and click HTS Codes

Why is My Cargo on Hold?

Most often, Cargo is on customs hold due to VACIS ( x-ray ) exam. This is a standard security procedure and will take several days to process at the port. Sometimes further exams are required based on the results of the VACIS Exam. These can take a week to complete. The importer will be billed for the exam charges.

What Documents do i need to clear customs?

For most shipments, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Arrival Notice or Airbill are required.

What is an ISF, when do i need to file?

The ISF (Importer Security Filing) is Mandatory requirement for Ocean Shipments. It needs to be filed a minimum of 24 hours prior to vessel Loading. Late filings can result in a $5000 fine.

Do i need to clear customs?

Yes. All international cargo requires customs clearance.